Odi Odi Ok! Fast Rising Artist -MYRO™ has been sailing progressively on the wave of his Hit Single. From performing at top shows, like the just concluded Star Trek (Lagos Finale) and the Lagos Street Party. To having the merchandise for the single #ODI-Ok being endorsed by the current Minister of Communications- Ahmed Shittu, to being acknowledged by the legendary hip-hop group "A Tribe Called Quest" and Sony Music/ Epic Records, for his Graffiti work for the group. To also being verified by twitter.
MYRO seems to be brewing towards the "perfect music business man".

The trendy merchandise for his single #OdiOk, has been spotted by celebrities in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry rocking it.

It is available for purchase and in high demand. As we speak, over 5000 units have been purchased offline. It recently also premiered on selected online stores.

The video to the smashing hit single "Odi Ok" by MYRO is out. It hit over 100,000 views in the first Three Days of its release, while the audio peaked at the Top 5 Most Played Song in the country, as stated from EldeeTheDon's PlayData Charts.

It's safe to say, everything is #Odi-Ok with MYRO and he wishes the same to everybody and most especially, his loyal supporters.

Don't miss out, get on the #OdiOk wave. Order for your T-shirts via: 08162987021

Watch OdiOk Video Here

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