An unnamed clubber was caught as she attempted to sneak her dog into Spy Nightclub in Monaghan, Ireland, hoping to celebrate the arrival of 2017 with her beloved pet.

Diarmuid McCleary, a photographer at Vibes Media, managed to catch the unusual scene on camera. as the woman attempted to smuggle her dog in hidden in her coat.

Diarmuid who shared the image on social media, much to fellow party-goers' delight.He told the Irish Mirror :
"The girl tried to hide the dog in her jacket but was caught by security.She wanted to spend New Years Eve with the dog but her dreams were crushed!"I don't know who the girl actually is I turned around and just seen her being stopped at the door [of Spy Nightclub]."The dog was never in danger or was there any chance it would be let in as they security at Spy are top notch."
Thankfully, despite not being able to enjoy its first New Year's rave, the dog had a good time anyway.

"The dog spent the rest of the night being petted and cuddled," Diarmuid added.

The photo was shared on Vibe Media's Facebook page and has been liked more than 4.6k times. 

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