Following the birth of her son,more proof points to the possibility that Janet Jackson has adopted her husband’s religion and become a Muslim.

Though the ‘full Islamic dress’ that some identified her wearing during a recent shopping trip with her husband in Belgravia turned out to be a £1,000 Adidas men’s black wool poncho, there’s good reason to believe the rumours that she has converted to Islam.

For a start, underneath that poncho, she appeared to be wearing an al-amira — a two-piece veil worn by many Muslim women, which covers the hair but not the face.
Her drastic wardrobe change had also been mirrored onstage and in her music by a retreat from her trademark bawdiness to a far more modest, reflective approach that has woven the Islamic language into songs and her comments to fans.

She frequently ended concerts on her last tour telling fans ‘Inshallah’, or ‘If Allah wills it’, and included the word in the chorus of one of the songs — songs, incidentally, that have been shorn of all the X-rated raunch that was such a feature of her previous output.

Out of 17 new tracks on her Unbreakable album, there isn’t a single mention of the word ‘sex’.
She has also cleaned up her stage look — wearing a long-sleeved, loose-fitting, white outfit that covered every inch of her body up to her neck.

Several years her junior, Al Mana, 42, has been described as one of the Middle East’s richest investors. Curious, then, that Qatar observers tell me they had never heard of him until news of his marriage to Jackson broke.
The Al Mana family are undoubtedly very wealthy, but they are not among the most prominent names in the tiny but gas-rich Gulf state. Despite being labelled one, Al Mana is not on Forbes magazine’s list of Middle Eastern billionaires.
A more likely estimate is that he is worth $200 million, not much more than Jackson, who is thought to have a net worth of $175 million.

Culled from Daily Mail

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