A father mauled to death by three tigers at a zoo had jumped into their enclosure to avoid paying the entrance fee.

The victim, named only as Zhang, had tried to dodge paying for a £15 ticket by hopping over the park fence directly into the tiger pit yesterday, Chinese media reports.

Accompanied by a pal, he scaled the wall only to be mauled to death by the tigers.

The pair were pictured on top of the barrier just moments before the bloody attack.The second man, who was about to follow Zhang into the enclosure, held back after watching the horror unfold before him.

Zhang’s wife and two children had gone through the front entrance to the Zoo in Zhejiang province, China, to buy a ticket.They watched on in horror as the big cats attacked him.Ningbo Younger Zoo’s killer tiger was later shot dead and the other two big cats scared away with flares guns.

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