Ray J's manager David Weintraub has defended his recent tweet aimed at Kim Kardashian's friend Jonathan Cheba,calling him a Kardashian baggage handler

Weintraub took to social media on Thursday to post a seething remark aimed at Cheban writing

'#JonathanCheban Like I said U PunkB***h We gon C U real soon u lil p***y SO watch UR f****n tongue B4 we snatch it out ur mouth CC @RayJ (sic).'
Swiftly after this remark was posted, Cheban was pictured leaving Charing Cross Police Station on Friday after it was claimed he received 'serious threats' to his person.

A source told MailOnline that the reality star, 42, has been victim to terrifying threats, 'believed to be referring to a tweet from rapper Ray J's management' - prompting him to report them officially to the London authorities.
Weintraub has now responded to his own comments on Twitter, as well as to Cheban's decision to report it to the police.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline and referring to Cheban, Weintraub said:
'If you want to act like a big boy and have a big voice just know that other people might not know your words and are going to put you in your place.''If he feels like he has a voice he’s going to learn his lesson that we don’t play around!'
Weintraub elaborated on Cheban's involvement with celebrity family the Kardashians:

'In the US Jonathan is a Kardashian lap-dog and is there to carry their luggage.
'It's funny that someone as irrelevant as him is of value in the UK! In the US this guy is not a celebrity. All he is is a baggage handler for the Kardashians.
'This is a kid who sits and waits for Kim [Kardashian] and Kris [Jenner]!'

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