Now it seems the deal has fallen apart. In an exclusive chat with LIB, Quincy said:
"I signed the deal in September 2016. The deal was actually meant to be a two year contract but after some consultation with some people they met, they got me a five-year contract. Initially, I refused to sign but after sometime, they convinced me that it was just like a family deal. That it is just for me to get to the next level. You know how people talk when they want to exploit you. After giving me some assurance,  I had to sign the contract'.
LIB: So after signing the contract, what happened?

Quincy responded saying, 'I released a song ‘Landlord’ featuring Kcee of Fivestar Music. But I actually did the song a year before I met them (E29).  I played several songs to Kcee and he said ‘Landlord’ was dope, so we worked on it. Jay Swaarg originally produced the song before Kcee’s producer now reproduced it.

I am grateful E29 did the video for the song but after that they didn’t do any promo for it. Everything about the promo of the song was literally done by myself and my big brother. If you actually noticed, the song wasn’t played on any TV station'.

He continued to say, 'before signing the deal, they were very corny and they were deceitful. They said they were going to give me a house in an estate. They talked about a car, an official car. I didn’t receive any car, no house and not even a dime. The last time they gave me money was around December 2016 when I met Emmanuel Emenike.

They said it was a multimillion naira deal. Whenever I am on the street, people stop me to tell me they heard I signed a (27) twenty seven million naira deal with a Venza car given to me. Bullshit, they gave me nothing. They only thing they blessed me with, which I thank God for, was the video for the song'.

LIB: So when did you terminate the contract?

Quincy responded:  'I can’t be too exact but it was sometime late last year. They travelled out of the country and made it look like I am always calling to beg for promo. Most times when I call, they won’t pick up and when they eventually pick, they will tell me that they will do it at their own time.

They are actually into football and automobile business, they don’t know anything about music, but they will be trying to dictate what they know nothing about. They weren’t actually ready for me; they were only focusing on doing their own business. I’m on my own, running my personal label MDM (‎Mo' Dan Muzik)

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