A first-time mother has told of her heartbreak after having a late-term abortion and slammed Donald Trump over his position on the issue.

Lindsey Paradiso bravely shared her story in response to the US president's controversial comments, and said governments should stop interfering with a woman's right to choose.The 28-year-old said she and her husband, Matt, were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to have an abortion at 23 weeks because their daughter, Omara, was likely to die in the womb.

A tumour on the baby's neck tripled in size as time passed and was growing all over her body, leaving her with just a 1% chance of survival.

Lindsey, a photographer from the US state of Virginia, wrote on Facebook:

 "This is ending a wanted pregnancy. This is late-term abortion.It was not wanted. It was not a 'way out'.It was not birth control. It was heartbreaking.The government does not belong here
Lindsey first learned there were problems with her pregnancy at 18 weeks.

A mass on her daughter's neck was discovered during an ultrasound, and it was believed to be a tumour called teratoma.She hoped that she would be able to continue with the pregnancy and doctors would be able to operate, but the tumour spread to her brain and other parts of her body.

The couple decided to have an abortion because doctors told them that Omara would likely die before she reached 27 weeks.

Lindsey would be at risk of becoming infertile if the tumour grew any larger and her daughter had to be surgically removed.She was induced after a lethal injection was administered to the baby. She was in labour for 40 hours but was determined to hold her daughter so the couple could say goodbye.

They held a funeral service for their daughter days later.

She wrote on her blog:
 "I think oftentimes we forget that the loss of these babies doesn't only affect the parents, but it affects their friends and family members.
"When politicians like Trump and [Vice President Mike] Pence spread their intolerance for giving women a choice, we make these very difficult situations so much more difficult for not just the mother, but everyone involved."

Culled from Daily Mirror 

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