A former Versace model has spent £80,000 on plastic surgery to transform herself into a 'curvy human Barbie'.
Jennifer Pamplona, 24, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, said she was altering her body in memory of her late boyfriend, who dreamed of her becoming a human doll.
The TV presenter has undergone nearly a dozen procedures, including nine within 24 hours, and looks so dramatically different her own mother didn't recognise her.
She is already known in Brazil as 'Susi Doll' - a Barbie with more curves - but said her new aim is to have a larger bottom than Kim Kardashian's, despite doctors' warnings that her frame is not big enough.

 Some girls love shopping, buying stuff like bags and shoes, but me I love to go to the doctors for a surgery or procedure, it makes everything perfect,' she said.
'It was a way to love myself, it helped me so much in my personal life and career, it was the best decision I've made in my life.'

 She met boyfriend Celso Santebanes after she was scouted for a TV show. He was known as a 'human Ken doll' and he dreamed of turning her into a curvy Barbie doll, she said.
After his death from cancer in 2015, Miss Pamplona turned to surgery as a way to cope with her grief.
She said: 'When he died I was devastated, I never imagined something like that could happen while we were so young.
I was invited to change my body on a TV show shortly after he died and I chose to continue his dreams of turning me into a curvy Barbie doll for him.
'I found that plastic surgery took me out of depression, whenever I had something done I became so happy and everything became perfect.'

 Her list of surgeries includes liposuction, two breast implants, a rhinoplasty, fat injections into her bottom and thighs, cheek fillers, lip fillers, and veneers. She has also had four ribs removed to make her waist smaller.

She has more surgeries lined up, hoping to surpass the size of Kim Kardashian's bum and another nose job to make her look more 'fake'.
Miss Pamplona said she faced some backlash from members of the public and her own family.
She said:
 'I looked so different after my surgeries, when my mother and grandmother saw me they didn't recognise me - it was really shocking for them but to me, I was perfect. 
Daily Mail.


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