A mum 6, Isi Udekwe has pleaded with her husband, Matthew Udekwe, who reportedly fled home in April 2016 after she was delivered of triplets, to return, saying the children needs his love.

Udekwe, who hails from Enugu State, abandoned his family home in Edo State when he discovered that his wife had given birth to a second set of twins.

The mother of the triplets, who are now nine months old, told South West Voice, that her husband took to his heels when the news of the birth of the triplets hit him.

Asked if he did a scan before the birth of the babies, Confidence said that if they have such money they will use it to feed.

“ We were actually leaving from hand to mouth. Every money we have we spend it wisely because we do not have a Job. According to her “ my husband left the house seven days to the day of delivery that he was going to look for a job. Before the delivery he kept calling us on daily basis but  after the babies were delivered and he was informed by his brother he switched off his phone. “ Since then we have not been able to reach him and he has not called over a month ago. 
She gave birth to the triplets free of charge through caesarian section at the Mother and Child hospital in Akure, the state capital.

 The couple already have three babies ( two boys and a girl) Uchena 7 years, Akachukwu 5 years and Bethel 2 years before these three additions at a go. Speaking with South West Voice, Confidence said
“My husband went looking for money to take care of the family but when we called him that I was delivered of three children he was shocked and shouted. “ Since then he has switched off his phone and we do not know his whereabouts and how we can reach him. “ I must confess to you that I have not eaten any good food since I gave birth and even the children have nothing good to eat and that is the reason I am using this opportunity to appeal to government at all levels and well meaning Nigerians to come to my rescue. “I am begging you to help me tell my husband to come back home and see the triplets. I know that God will send help. 

Please help me publish in our newspaper and help me beg my husband to come back home and see his children. I know it is not easy for him but all the same he should not abandon us just like that. When he comes back we will manage whatever is available until God will send help. “Because our God lives. He knows why he gave us triplets  and I am sure he will make provision. Who can say, those triplets may open doors for our family. “God knows we have three children before giving us this additional three. We are surprised because nobody from both families have twins. Why us at this time that we can not even feed well. 
 Confidence appealed passionately to the wife of the governor, Mrs Olukemi Mimiko to come to their aid saying that the burden was too much for them to bear. She also pleaded with the caring heart governor Dr Olusegun Mimiko to assist the husband by providing a job for him.

Chinyere said a letter and photographs have been to the wife of the governors office and the Ministry  of women Affairs but that they have not gotten any response. While saying that they were sure that their matter was yet to be brought to the attention of the caring heart wife of the governor appealed that she should through the medium come to the aid of the Nweze family.

The brother of the father of the run away father of triplets Friday who has been feeding Confidence said his brother has disappeared after he informed him about the delivery of the babies. Friday who said that  he has been feeding the mother and have been buying all the babies needs in the last one month also asked his brother to return home. Friday said he has exhausted his savings taking care of his brothers wife and six children and his own wife and two children. According to him
” the burden is getting too much for me to bear. I  appeal to government to please help my brother with a job. If he is sure of getting a Job he will resurface. “ He is only natural that when a man does not have money he would not be happy and he can do anything to protect his ego.

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