A woman has described how an evil brigade of female ISIS police are adopting a horrific new torture tactic which sees women ripped to death with "metal jaws" if they break the death cult's strict rules.

The sick killing device emerged after people told of the violence being dished out by the ladies' jihadi group the Al-Khansa Brigade.The militants act as religious law enforcers, punishing other females who dare to flout ISIS' strict moral rules - including breastfeeding and failing to wear black socks.

A woman identified only as S, said a 10-year-old Iraqi girl named Faten was punished for stepping over the threshold of her house unaccompanied while cleaning.Speaking to Sputnik Arabic, she claims the jihadi women asked the girl's mother to choose whether she or her daughter should suffer the punishment.

Thinking the bite would come from just the woman's teeth, the mum chose her daughter.

But she was horrified when the militants produced a hideous "metal biting device" with poison on the teeth.

The razor sharp fangs ripped through the youngster's flesh before she bled to death.
S also described how a woman was lashed 30 times on the spot, after lifting her veil to check the merchandise at a market.

She told Sputnik:
“I never felt like I was a human being. Why all of this black clothing?
It’s like I’m getting into a bag and it’s closed on me so I can’t even breathe or enjoy the sun."

ISIS has been deploying fresh torture tactics as government forces continue to drive militants from their base in Mosul, Iraq.

Daily Mirror

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