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An Ijebu Boy traveled to Lagos after his WAEC result was out so that his Uncle will help him get admission into the University of Lagos to study medicine and become a medical doctor.
The following conversation came up:
Boy: Uncle, I learnt it's difficult to gain admission into the university these days except you are well connected
Uncle: That's true.
Boy: Since you are connected, I came to ask you if you can help me get admission into the university after my JAMB
Uncle: That's connected and I will help u
Boy: Thank you Uncle
Uncle: You're how is your result, is it WAEC or NECO and how many credits did you get?
Boy: Uncle, it's WAEC, I had only two credits in agric and Yoruba language but I failed the rest
Uncle: Well, that's not bad, you can still be a doctor, not a medical doctor really but native doctor (babalawo) . You will use your credit in agric in collecting herbs from the forest, and Yoruba language for incantations.
*Dont laugh alone. *

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