Former Aviation minister, Fani Kayode has slammed Information Minister, Lai Mohammed for saying the killing of Christians by Muslims is a fallacy...Fani wrote on Twitter
 Lying Lai Mohammed claims it is a fallacy to say that Muslims kill Christians in Nigeria. He is not just a liar but also a very SICK man.
Lai Mohammed said in a statement by the minister’s special assistant on media and publicity, Segun Adeyemi,

“The alleged Islamisation of Nigeria under the current administration is totally false and should be perceived in its entirety as a campaign of calumny,” There is no bigger threat to the peace and unity of our country today than religion-coated incendiary messages, which are being carelessly sent out by some religious, political and opinion leaders.
“In recent times, the media has been increasingly awash with incendiary statements that seem designed to pitch the adherents of the two prominent religions in the country, Christians and Muslims against one another. Such fallacies like the Islamisation of Nigeria, the killing of Christians by Muslims, the labelling of Nigeria as the most dangerous place for Christians in the world can only serve one purpose: trigger a religious war”


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