Nine-month-old Buhari Muhammad, whose genital was cut off by his step-mother in June 2016, in the Shiroro Local Government Area of Niger State, will undergo his next surgery when he reaches puberty.

Muhammad had his first corrective surgery at the Federal Medical Centre, Bida, Niger State, in February.

The Head of Medical Unit of the Niger State Child Rights Protection Agency, Mr. Suleiman Makusidi, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Minna on Tuesday that the next surgery would be a penis transplant.

“When the boy reaches puberty and when blood has started flowing through his penis, a transplant will be carried out.
“The corrective surgery that was done in February was to reopen the hole that was created for the boy to pass urine after it was discovered that the hole was closing.
 “The state government is making arrangements to bring medical experts to examine the boy and see if the transplant can be done in Nigeria.
“If not, we will look at other options like South Africa or the United States of America,” he said.

Muhammad’s genital was cut off by his 17-year-old step mother, Bara’atu Muhammad, when the boy was barely a month old.

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