A mistress allegedly killed her married lover and his wife before drowning two of their three children.

Ruzanna Shvarts, 25, reportedly confessed to stabbing to death Russian economist Vladislav Saaya and his wife Lilia, both 35.
The children were downed in a bath tub, and the adults died from knife wounds. Police say the flat was then set ablaze in an attempt to hide the crime.

The dead couple's eldest child, daughter Aiza, 12, was with her grandmother at the time and has been orphaned by the tragedy.

Ruzanna and her sister Melina, 19, had been to visit Vladislav at home, and his wife and younger children then returned, according to police.

A police source said:
 'Ruzanna was Vladislav's lover, and she came to visit him with her sister. They drank alcohol. Suddenly Vladislav's wife Lilia came back home with the children. She started to argue with Ruzanna and this turned into the fight.
'Melina insists that at this moment she left the flat. And when she came back, it turned that her sister had stabbed Vladislav and Lilia and killed their kids.' Ruzanna's statement also implicates her sister, who denies doing more than hiding the crime.

A family friend expressed deep shock.
 'I had been working with Vladislav for about five years at a local hospital and had very warm relations with his family,' she said. They were classmates, got married, when they were 20.He graduated from university and worked as an economist. His wife was an accountant, and worked as the head of storehouse. I still cannot understand how this could happen. Our town is very small, everyone is talking about this tragedy, this horror.'He was an exemplary family man, not one of those who would have the affairs on the side. He hardly drank.'

 The head of Tuva republic, Sholban Kara-ool, wrote in his Facebook:
'I have a lump in my throat. I'm so sorry for the children, brutally murdered in their own home. I'm so sorry for the young mother, who was guarding the family well-being.
'What a pity that the head of the family failed to save himself and his loved ones. All Tuva mourns these innocent children.''It is necessary to think more deeply about what caused such a bloody accident,' he said. 'And how we can protect children from adult madness. 
A multiple murder investigation has been opened. If convicted the women face up to 30 years in jail.

The Siberian Times

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