Mrs. Banjo Olabisi Enitan the proprietress of Obalodu Group of Schools, vowed in a chat with Lagbajainfo to pay her teachers regularly she must have had her sight set on that old dictum: a company that pays peanuts will soon have monkeys working for it.

“If the teachers are not paid, they will not be focused, they would keep looking here and there for help and a disgruntled teacher cannot give his or her best to a child,” she informed. “That’s why I ensure that my teachers are regularly paid even though they are not being paid much. Even when the expected money is not forthcoming from parents, because they keep begging and begging, I look for money from elsewhere and pay them. So, I always make sure that at least I satisfy the teachers and then manage what is remaining.”

Good business sense, wouldn’t you rather say! But that is hardly surprising.


She Added

“I felt that with all these wealth of experience I should have a small place where I should further impact pupils. I want to give glory to God because I have never seen any child that passed through me that is nobody and that gives me the encouragement to continue.
“Parents knew me before I set up this school. They believe in me. And they would say, ‘Mummy, we know that we are not paying enough, but let our children be here.’  That trust in me is what keeps me going.
“Not many schools here are able to teach all the subjects because of the financial implications especially at this time of recession. But in my own case my school is able to teach almost all those subjects that a school should teach. In addition to other subjects, we teach French, we take the diction lesson and music. These are subjects that interest parents and their wards because not every school can afford to pay all those extra teachers.


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