HOW TO GET RID OF FALLOPIAN TUBE BLOCKAGE FROM 1-5years This is a tested and trusted recipe

Follow Step by Step

  • Get 35cl of palm kernel oil (yoruba, adin dudu). (Igbo, udaki)
  • 10pcs of Ghana seeds..(crushed)
  • 7cubes of St. Louis sugar (Crushed)
  • Make sure you scrape every bit of the grounded seeds in your mortar out.
  • Do a mixture of the grounded seeds with the sugar also the palm kernel oil in a 5Litre keg Cover tightly. Be shaking it atleast 2 times daily for 6days to ferment

Now how to apply Dosage:

  • Up to 1-5 years take 4tablespoons in the morning after food for three days after the 5th day, take 2tablepoons every morning before food....

It will bring out all the rubbish out of your system in the first 4 days, i.e you will stool frequently you will see what is coming out from your body, It will correct the blockage of the uterus and the fallopian tube and it also help in low libido in a women. To make it work more effectively make sure you finish the dosage you prepared....


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