Nollywood actress Allwell Ademola shares Memories of late Aisha Abimbola, who died in a hospital in Canada a year ago.

Omoge Campus as she is popularly called is said to have died from breast cancer, “Aisha had been battling cancer for a very long time but being a private person, she did not share the information with anybody especially because she did not want to beg for money from anyone.

March 16th 2019 make it a year this beautiful Nollywood actress left this world, after which Allwell Ademola, took to her Instagram page to share memories of the late nollywood actress.

she wrote,

"Hmmmmm.... I miss you everyday Omometa, I miss you Aisha, Oh I miss you Efun ....... Rest on"

Watch this touching moment of Aisha Abimbola a.k.a Omoge Campus

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