LASPOTECH security guard kills colleague for ritual

Cletus Wilson, a private security guard employed by the management of the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Ikorodu, has been arrested for killing his colleague, John Okoro, for ritual.

The suspected was arrested shortly after committing the act, on Friday, within the school premises and planning to leave with his vital organs.

The management of the polytechnic and the police have confirmed the development.

Witnesses told PREMIUM TIMES that Wilson had attempted to escape shortly after committing the crime, but other security guards on the campus chased and caught him.

According to a witness,

“Very early on Friday we heard the noise on campus that another person had been killed by one of the security guards. It was after we moved near the scene of the incident that we saw how gory the whole thing is,” the witness said.
“Okoro is the guard at the Chemical Engineering Department while Wilson works at the Computer Engineering Department.
“After slaughtering his victim, Wilson also cut his hands. He was about to escape with the body parts before he was caught in the bush by other security men.
“He was handcuffed by the police and his photograph taken as he sat beside the corpse on the open field where the corpse was deposited.”
God help us all... 

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