A riot broke out at a local government councilor’s congress election. It was reported that, on the 11th of May 2018 there local government congress was set to take place the following day. One of the Councilor position aspirants Pastor Olawale Rufus Adeoye of the APC whom specifically was the main target and reason for the riot outbreak on the fateful day. It was gathered that, he became an active politician and joined the APC in 2015 where he served and work selflessly and actively in the party most especially in the area of mobilizing able bodies into the party and for his active play and contribution in the party made him to be considered to run for the next councillorship political post.
Furthermore gathered, a lot of people offered him full support at the time due to his enormous and active responsibility role he has been playing in the party, but the PDP members started to antagonize him as expected from a rival political party. But this one was unlike it, whenever they were to have meetings and campaigns in the party, the PDP sides always sends political touts to come and raid the places and cause disruption at the scenes of their campaign. The PDP opponents began to give him series of life threat because they felt and discovered that he had enough grass root support he needs to win the election and so they must do everything possible at all cost to bring him down.
The fight was started by some fractions supporting the previous chairman. He was attacked with cutlass and other dangerous weapons and severely beaten up, stabbed that his clothes were turned. At a point, someone got a tire and put on him to be burnt into harsh. It was the intervention of some other party members that saved and rescue him. It was a serious riot between the APC and PDP that claim life's and injured many all in the name of they don't want a certain candidate and the one they want should be voted for and must win. So the fight and riot went very serious in Oyo state that period of time.
Due to Riot that broke out at the Election Day, we got to know that the Councilor election was postponed for a week. Their congress was postponed in many places following various attacks and many members were been suspended indefinitely for anti-party activities. After that, the party sidelined him and did not allow him to contest on the party platform and they presented another candidate. He tried to challenge the process by which the new candidate was presented, but he was told the ply of the party leaders arranging to have him arrested for the cause of the whole thing that had happened for his cause It was someone close to him in another party  who later spoke to him on why he was targeted for the May 11 attack and why he was sidelined and the reason been that he was rumoured to be a gay person and had been reported to the party about it and on getting to know about it, the party is set to deal with him as a gay person because the said gay practice is highly kicked against in the society and anyone cut in the act will be severely punished.

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