The Kano State governments has written down three death cases coming up from the infection of the dangerous COVID-19 disease which has rapidly spread across the country.

This was made known on saturday morning, Via the Twitter handle of the Kano State Ministry of Health, which also discovered 92 new cases of coronavirus in the state.

The three discovered death now makes the total number of COVID-19 cases in the state to be 311.

The information given by the kano state ministry of health on Twitter read thus in full details;
"as at 11:25pm 1st May 2020, 92 new cases of #COVID19KN cases verified. Total verified cases in @KanostateNG are now recorded to be 311.

"3 added cases of #COVID19KN death were written. Total #COVID19KN death are now summed up to be 8"

The information came an hour after a former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode gave an account as incredible that the Kano State Govenor Abdullahi would be asking for the relaxation of stay at home law in the state.

He said it was wonderful for the govenor to make such a peremptory request on Ramadan, when the rate of death in Kano is increasing everyday.

Looking at the high rate in the number of COVID-19 cases and past death surge in the states was predicted to be due to the dangerous virus, Presidents Muhammadu Buhari ordered a two-weeks lockdown of kano, during a national broadcast on monday.

However, on Thursday the governor, makes an emotional appeal with the federal governments to lessen the lockdown most especially on Ramadan, in order for the people to replenish their food.

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