The Ndigbo Youth Council OYC Worldwide, has called for discourse between the presidency and the IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra).

The youth said creating dialogue between the presidency and the BIAFRA agitators would be a good way of celebrating this year’s Biafra Day.

The call was made in a statement jointly signed by Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, OYC President General, Comrade Obinna Achionye, OYC Deputy National President General; and Mazi Okwu Nnabuike, OYC Secretary-General.

In the statement, Ohanaeze youths commended IPOB and other Biafra revolutionary for their non-violent way of exposing the pains of the Southeast.

The body also encourage ex-warlord, Asari Dokubo; Biafra agitators like Ralph Uwazurike, Nnamdi Kanu, Ben Onwuka and Uchenna Madu to be patient and collaborate with the government.

According to OYC:
“We describe the self-determination and non-violent actions of all Biafran agitators, especially the IPOB as the World’s largest Movement of Africans to demonstrate the grievances and passionate aggression towards addressing the perceived persecutions of a section of Nigeria by internal oppressors in a country where human and natural resources are abundantly used unjustly against the goose that lay the golden eggs and her denied fundamental rights and privileges especially as witnessed in the sharing of FG COVID-19 palliative care during the coronavirus pandemic, where North was used to allegedly siphon the money meant for all.

“OYC urge the central government that there’s urgent need for the total healing of past wounds and distrust that had lingered 50 years after the Biafra War ended. 
“There’s no functional solution for peace except for dialogue, and each party drawn up conditions and reach terms for peace. The reported influx of Almajiris to the South has changed the mood of the country, and there should be need for the presidency to dialogue with all agitators, including Oduduwa Warlords, Niger Delta Avengers and Biafran agitators. We’ing for The president of Ghana and ECOWAS to Moderate this inevitable dialogue to avert possible collapse of Nigeria. 
“We call on all Biafran agitators, especially IPOB to be peaceful and law-abiding and ensure a change of direction and strategy and end the ferocious struggle through allegations and abuses. 
“We appreciate their legitimate role to exploit all peaceful and non-violent activities to expose the pains of old Eastern Region. Nnamdi Kanu, Asari Dokubo, Raph Uwazurike, Uchenna Madu and Ben Onwuka should be patience and peaceful as the collaborative process will make the sun to rise in the East.”

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