Raymond Dokpesi, the founder of DAAR communications, and seven of his family members have been tested positive of coronavirus, reported on friday.

He contracted the disease four days after his son was tested postive of it, this was reported by the contact tracing agency, NCDC.

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The outcome of the results tells us that, eight members of the Dokpesi family, which Mr Dokpesi's daughter-in-law was among had been infected, AIT reported.

The infected members had been transfer to the isolation centre at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada.

AIT quoted Mr Dokpesi saying
"I am quite alright, I feel very well" on friday before the evaquation certainly pointing to his currents asymptomatic status.

Test have also been carried out on senior staffs who had been in close contact with the company's index case.

AIT also reported that the FCT authority has fumigated the company's sorroundings.

Nigeria has discovered an increase in cases of coronavirus as it recorded over 500 cases in the last three days.

Total cases rise up to almost 2000 with 50 deaths cases, and more than 300 people recovering from it.

The fifth week of staying at home in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun is to be stopped on monday, and there are concerns about the implication of the action despite the increase in cases of coronavirus.

lagos still remains the epicentre of the disease in the country, but Kano has seen a grown up in cases of coronavirus in the last five days, a time within which its seen trippled to over 210 cases as of thursday night.

Lagos, Kano and Abuja is said to be 70 per cent of the country's cases of the contagion.

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