I Had 3 Children But He thought I have only one child, Should I Tell Him?

Let's advise this Lady...

Please I have something I want to discuss with you bothering me. I was in a relationship for 9yrs with this guy where I had 3 Kids for him without him Marrying me at all.

What happened was that when I got pregnant with the first Baby for him, he asked me to go to his Mum's place and stay with her and before I knew it I started living with him there in their Family house.

My Mother complained and complained that why would I go move in with a guy that has not Married me nor even do as if you have parents at all that they don't like that but he always tells me if I leave to go back to my parents that my baby or I will die. I was in my early 20s then so I used to be very scared when he says that to me so I stayed back.

That's was how I ended up staying with him for 9yrs and had 2 Boys and 1 girl it was a terrible experience all the while I was there. Now 3yrs ago I summoned courage to leave him and I left with my 3 children and since then till now he doesn't know our whereabout nor come looking for us and I am happy that way.

So I took my two Sons to my Elder Sister's place to help me take care of them while I go get something doing and find my feet and I have my girl with me here. I work now in a Mall and do little business on my own too so becoming a little comfortable.

I met a guy last year. His a Serious one as he likes me so much and wants to Marry me and ready to go with me to my Parents to do the right thing and ask for my hand in Marriage but he thought I have only one child which is my little girl with me and he has never marry before. I am in my early 30s now and needs to settle down properly but am so confused about it what should I do?

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