For 3yrs now I've been in a serious search for a wife bcos I'm approaching 40 and been trying to please my mum who insisted I must marry from my home town where we came from. The ones I like are not from our hometown but my mum keeps rejecting them.

Somehow I met a lady in 2018 who happens to be from my home town but really young (22yrs) as she said she will like to finish University before she can marry me and she just gained admission in same 2018 we met. Immediately she got admission she took me to her parents to introduce me to them as the man she wants to marry and have been taking good care of her.

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They welcomed me and my parents and I have gone to see her own parents too and were all happy we are from the same home town. So I believed she loves me and wants to marry me. I started paying all her fees in School, send her money regularly and made sure she's comfortable there. But each time I tell her I want to come visit her there she would say No o I shouldn't come because she's ashamed to introduce me to her mate because the age difference between us is too much.

At times I ask why she doesn't put my picture on her DP and she will say she's shy that her friends will say Babe which type of Baba you want to go marry when young guys are everywhere on Campus.

Last month, during the Easter break, I had informed her earlier that I want us to come do our introduction that Easter and at that point she said no that I should wait that the age difference is still a problem and is affecting her in making up her mind but that she likes my personality but finding it difficult to show me off to anyone again as her Man that so I should give her time and I said okay.

Why I'm greatly disturbed now is because she doesn't call me again since then unless I call her and each time I call she will be asking me to send another money that the one I gave her has finished.

Always asking me for money and recently too people were telling me they saw her during this holiday lurking around with a young guy in the dark night caressing not once not twice.

So I don't know if to leave her and go look for another Wife elsewhere or keep enduring till she graduate from school.


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