Please let us tell our kids to be careful and encourage them to always talk to us about anything at all!

My daughter was approached by a guy yesterday. He told her he wants her to model the wears and wigs he sells. They exchanged numbers and she called me immediately to inform me. I asked for the guy's number and I called him immediately.

He sounded like a responsible young man and I told him to text the date time and venue to me.
This morning at about 7:30am, he sent a text with the address (59, Benson street Surulere) and asked her to get there for 10am.

He also called me to let me know he has sent her the details. I said okay. My daughter got dressed and I did the same. We arrived at Benson street at 9:45am and found out that the last house on that street is number 57!.

She called him to let him know we can't find number 59 and he said the numbers are kinda scattered. She said No, that the houses are well numbered. He said he will come and get her at number 57 and also asked if I came with her. She said yes and he sent her a text that mothers are not allowed. My daughter just laughed and told him he can tell me that when he gets there.

The guy kept us waiting for about 45mins before he showed up and apologised that he had to go pick up the make up artist. He told me the studio is on the other street and he is sorry he gave us a wrong address. He said he is not that familiar with the area. We followed him and he stopped halfway and told me he can do a transfer to me now (that's the money he is to pay her), I told him that can wait until we get to the venue. He then said he wants to quickly buy tissue paper for the make up artist and we should please wait for him.

That is how the guy took off o! He blocked my number and blocked hers too.
Now I am thinking..."what if I didn't go with her?" What if she didn't tell me about it? I have been hearing about dastardly things being done by our boys but this was right at my doorstep!
My daughter will be 19 tomorrow!!  Ani foju sukun omo o.....

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