Pls let's advise this Woman...

It's issues between me and my husband. As a matter of fact I'm fed up of his orientation about marriage and his way of life. Presently we stay in one of my own parents property, so as to help us save rent in order to have a place of our own since the kids are still little. He doesn't pay rent nor pay school fee because I help to run my mum's school where my children are schooling too yet he has refused step up on his game to become something in life.

The age difference between us is 15yrs yet he act as a man in his early 20s when he will close 50yrs soon. I was once depressed but I thank God I've overcome that stage. He is a printer and he does get jobs but don't know how he does the money since he is paying rent nor school fees. My dad gives him contracts from his place of work a big School in the hearts of a City and he also get contracts from some govt offices and NGO'S there too.

I'm not a perfect person but then I believe in family values. How can I get him to;

1.Know God for himself
2. Stop telling lies like a teenager
3. Be responsible and accept responsibilities
4. Be neat as he can stay without bathing sponge and soap for weeks and many more. He has this I don't care attitude of things will fall in place on it's own without you fixing it. He can stay for months without going to church and without prayers but believes in prayer houses. Bear in mind I have tried all I know I can to no avail and that's why I'm seeking help.

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