Counsel to the family of late BAMISHE AYANWOLA, who was found dead after a long search lasting many days when she became missing after sending videos to her friend after boarding a Bus Rapid Transport at Chevron Bus Stop headed for Oshodi Bus Terminus has sent in their submission. UNPROFESSIONALISM OF NIGERIA POLICE FORCEAfter all forms of assurances that the Nigeria Police Force has been completely reformed following the iconic #EndSARS mass protests, two years ago in 2020, the ordeal that the family of late BAMISHE AYANWOLA encountered in the hands of different Police Stations in Lagos State confirm that nothing fundamentally has changed

Despite putting forward the viral video evidence produced by the deceased herself and sent to her friend , the family was shabbily treated by various Police Stations they turned to in Lagos State. Apart from total absence of forensic investigation facilities in many of these Police Stations, the insensitive attitude of Police officers on duty to the plight of family members of late BAMISHE AYANWOLA portray low morale among rank and file of the Police given poor pay and inexistent working

LAGOS BUS SERVICES LIMITED , FRANCHISE OPERATOR OF BRT IN LAGOS HAS A CASE OF CORPORATE CRIMINAL LIABILITY TO ANSWER They experienced their worst treatment at the Corporate Headquarters of the Lagos Bus Services Limited, the franchise operators of the Bus Rapid Transport in Lagos State. Despite putting forward an heart rendering story of their search for the deceased, they were not only ignored but a team of combat -ready Mobile Policemen were set upon them. It was when the corpse of the deceased was discovered that the Managing Director of Lagos Bus Service Limited began to make frantic calls. There are innumerous questions for Lagos State Bus Services Limited but some are:

a. Why was the details of the “Relief Driver” who drove the BRT bus not with LBSL? b. Why was the particular bus in question kept from public view and plying the roads? c. Why was it that it was when the corpse of late BAMISHE AYANWOLA discovered that the operations of BRT shut down in Lagos? Is there priority of profits above lives of Lagosians?

We submit that the LAGOS BUS SERVICES LIMITED has a case of CORPORATE LIMITED LIABILITY to answer. We call for immediate arrest of the Managing Director of LBSL within 24 hours by the Nigerian Police Force.

LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT LOOKS THE OTHER WAY: A CASE OF VICARIOUS LIABILITY It is saddening that when the family reached out to the Special Adviser on Transport to the Commissioner for Transport of Lagos State Government, the laconic answer that they got was that the Lagos State Government has handed over the operations of Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) to private operators, to wit, the Lagos Bus Services Limited.As innocent as the answer may seem, it totally begs the question of who is the francishor of Lagos Bus Service Limited . It also begs the question of why the BRT buses ply a specially demarcated lane on both Trunk A and Trunk B Roads in Lagos State.

It was soon to become clearer that his response is a tip of the iceberg of the lackadaisical response of Lagos State Government. As we write , the Governor of Lagos State, Mr.Babajide Sanwo-olu has not deemed it fit to pay a condolence visit to the deceased’s family.

On March 8, 2022, the day after discovering the corpse of late BAMISHE AYANWOLA, while the world was still in shock about her death, Governor Sanwo-olu was seen dancing at Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos. Despite the death of a young Nigerian woman and the revelation of her unfortunate death on the eve of the International Women’s Day, the wife of the Governor, Mrs. Sanwo-olu was still eager to CELEBRATE (?) the International Women’s Day. Despite protest by a young lady at the occasion in a viral video, it was still CELEBRATION galore(?)We are of the view that Lagos State Government’s resort to side comments reflect the disposition of “sitting out” this matter.


Lead Counsel to family of late BAMISHE AYANWOLA and Lead Partner, Newworth LLP

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