How Nigeria Police Academy Commandant, Others Diverted Over N500 Million Under Guise Of Cooperative Society, Cadets Alleged

 Some sources in the Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano State have claimed that individuals from staff at the highest level of the board deceitfully redirected N500 million under the appearance of a helpful society.

The concerned recruits let Lagbajablog know that inconvenience began when the Single Treasury Account was presented by the President Muhammadu Buhari-drove organization.

The Academy the board, as per the recruits, falsely opened a record with Zenith Bank PLC, Wudil, Kano with the name POLAC Cooperative Staff Account and redirected over N500 million to the record, before the time the Single Treasury Account was affected.

After expecting office, the ongoing Commandant AIG Ahmad Abdurrahman, purportedly plotted with the institute's treasurer, Agata to move the assets, guaranteeing that they needed to utilize the cash to pay staff individuals whose benefits assets and stipends had been deducted.

While the annuity reserve allowances were reimbursed, the leftover sum was redirected to the individual money vaults of the Commandant and his sidekicks, the sources said.

One of the sources said, "The Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano as the 37th Federal University in Nigeria is being utilized as a favorable place for debasement by the over a significant time span Commandants in a joint effort with the scholastic wing of the institute.

"These tremendous amounts of cash have been redirected by the institute supervisory group for their benefits without setting out on any significant advancement in the foundation despite the fact that offices at the recruits' lodgings are overextended, most particularly the female inns.

"At the trainees' lodgings, most particularly the female ones, rooms are worked with the ability to oblige by and large 4 recruits utilizing the cots, yet as a general rule, each room obliges somewhere in the range of 6 and 7 female recruits.

"A few put their froths on uncovered stream and some utilization the Matron's office where sleeping cushions are collapsed during the day. More regrettable still, these 6-7 recruits share one latrine and restroom.

"This makes sense of why most recruits generally appear late for exercises since they need to line up and alternate to wash prior to going out.

"It's anything but a misrepresentation to express that the majority of the female recruits that look for clinical consideration at the foundation's facility look for disease treatment."

"It very well may be reviewed that the commandant, AIG Ahmad declared during the registration and promise taking function in February 2022 within the sight of the recruits, visitors, and the press that the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) delivered N500 Million for the development of the trainees' lodging, yet, sadly, no design has been raised from that point forward.

"Further examinations additionally uncovered that a similar TETFund delivered the accumulation of 2017, 2018, and 2019 intercession assets to the foundation for infrastructural advancement however right now, just two activities (Animal House and Convocation Hall) are progressing in the institute.

"Along these lines, the Minister of Police Affairs supported and the institute upheld a necessary duty of N5,000 Cautionary Fee on north of 3,000 recruits in the foundation, and over N15 million was paid through a Zenith Bank Account: 1217970951 with the name: Polac Academy Cooperative Hostels Account when they continued last year (2021) October.

"With this large number of monies on the ground and the trainees going through this desolation in the institute, questions are starting to be given a role as to whether they are being utilized for the reason they are intended for.

"It is against this current test that we trainees are approaching the important checking and examining bodies to get the ball rolling toward guaranteeing our prosperity which is in question," another source said.

At the point when Lagbajablog reached Nafiu Habib, the foundation's Public Relations Officer, he denied the cases, expressing that the Commandant could never have been important for the monetary misrepresentation.

He said Ahmad has stood firm on administration footings in the Force the nation over and guided the issues of the organization appropriately.

He additionally said Ahmad was a minister, taking note of that charges of monetary wrongdoing could never have come from individuals inside the Academy.

Habib said it might have been composed by some other individual as there was a construction set up for correspondence from those in the lower recruit to their bosses.

He said, "The Nigeria Police Academy is a controlled establishment administered by a pecking order of officials. In such a controlled association, you can't expect the intrigue that certain individuals are asserting occurred.

"Such things don't occur in a controlled organization.

"Things are continuing great in the foundation, and the Commandant is joyfully moving the administration of the organization easily.

"There can never be claims from staff individuals from the organization. Staff can't make charges against their bosses in a controlled organization, they would prefer to channel it to a senior in rank.

"I can hardly imagine how claims from a cop against his better will go than the media. Not all charges individuals make can be supposed to be valid. There's absolutely nothing that anybody can't sit some place and compose and send it to the press. That doesn't mean it is valid.

"The commandant is a mindful man, he is God-dreading, he is a minister. He has stood firm on footings the nation over and there are great declarations about him."

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